Had a great gig last night performing Close-up Magic at a Company Christmas party in Ipswich at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall.

The Magic Word Performing at a Christmas Party at Kesgrave Hall in Ipswich


Performing both my walk-about magic routine and my table routine was especially fun as the groups were so shocked about the amount of magic that I was able to perform.  Think even some of the hotel staff were finding in difficult to carry on with their jobs as they just wanted to see me perform magic, always a nice feeling. At one point, one of the hotel staff who was helping with the event stopped what she was doing and screamed “OMG he’s doing the lottery tickets into money trick”. 😀 (If you would like to see the lottery tickets trick in action you can find it in my showreel which is down below)

The event was a big success and everyone was really pleased with all of the magic tricks, even 2 of the guests came up to me after and said ” We were watching you really closely and still couldn’t see anything”. In magic I guess the closer you watch, the less you see.

The Magic Word Performing at Kesgrave Hall


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 The Magic Word’s showreel ( watch to see the lottery tickets trick in action)



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