About Me

If you’re looking to hire a magician to wow your guests, then make sure it’s a professional who loves entertaining and putting people under their spell. I’m a member of the prestigious Magic Circle and I’ve been living the dream for six years.

People often ask me what it’s like to be a magician, and I tell them simply: “It’s magic!” I wouldn’t change it for the world, and it’s this boyish enthusiasm that makes my act, The Magic Word, the success it has become across the country.

My name is Raj and it hasn’t always been like this. At school, I was overweight and underachieving. You could have written ‘Average’ across my forehead (thankfully, nobody did). And then everything changed when I was 15 after my dad and grandad showed me a couple of tricks one day. I was enthralled, learned to do them flawlessly and from then I was hooked. My whole life and sense of purpose flipped. I began eating healthily, exercised, lost weight and my school grades improved. My self-esteem, mojo, sense of belonging – call it what you will – returned in an instant. It was like magic and I were meant for each other.

I performed in the school talent show and it went so well that I was then interviewed by local radio. From those humble beginnings, I knew performing magic was all I wanted to do.

The Magic Word Magician

Churchill Retirement Living - The Greatest Sales & Marketing Conference @ The Hampshire Court Hotel.
Magician The Magic Word entertains the sales team over lunch.

The Magic Word - Magic Circle

Close up magician performing Marketing Conference @ The Hampshire Court Hotel.

I went to university with a scholarship to study business marketing, but I just could not make my passion for magic disappear (sorry for the pun!). And so, with my family’s full support, once they had got over the shock, I left university and studied the art of trickery instead. It was not quite like going to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School… but I did join the Magic Circle! This is the pinnacle for any magician, a recognition of their ability and stand-out performing skills.

I really have never looked back. I’ve been performing for people just like you ever since. And I love it. Being a close-up magician allows me to interact with party and event guests, making them laugh and leaving them amazed by what they’ve witnessed. Part of the fun is trying out new things. Unlike an old dog, I can learn new tricks, and you’ll be astounded by my ever-growing repertoire. Close-up magicians make a difference because we work with small groups of your guests at a time, giving each the attention they deserve.

Book me as your event or party close-up magician today. Your guests will love every minute, and you’ll be doing me the great honour of performing for you.

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