Close-Up Magic In Bath

Magic in Bath

Known for its history, and bringing in thousands of visitors yearly, an invitation to perform in Bath has always been eagerly received.

Delighting guests at the Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa, weaving threads of magical astonishment through the stunning five-star elegance, the Magic Word has a history with Bath. From performing in the central location with its Georgian architecture, to open parties in Sydney Gardens or entertaining in the evening at the Golf Club – it is a town which calls time and again.

There is a sense of peace that runs through Bath; a soft comfort which allows anticipation to build as the evening approaches and the chance to be awed by the Magic Word occurs.

After all, what better to bring an unexpected edge to your party than a dedicated illusionist with an act that comes right to the audience?

Close-Up Magic

Coming from the harsh critical world of street magic, the Magic Word is an expert at sleight-of-hand and illusion. Here, the tricks are not performed at a distance with an entire stage to mask mistakes, but right before the eyes of the audience.

Fire dances from fingers, and cards appear from nowhere as guests are entertained and brought into the show. Modern magic is about inspiring wonder while under scrutiny and no-one does it better!

Magician with Class

The Magic Word is a consummate professional. Bringing magic to corporate events, parties, weddings and any other occasion – no-one ever leaves disappointed, and for organisers we work within your budget to bring you the finest entertainment at a competitive rate.

Wherever in Bath, from the University to the green outskirts, we can come to any venue, and will delight any group.

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Watch the Video Showreel below to see The Magic Word in action!


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