Close-Up Magic In London

Close- Up Magic in London

Performing in the capital means being able to adapt to the huge variety of audiences and venues that are on offer inside the M25.

Whether it is at Covent Garden, where The Magic Word performed in the prestigious Radisson Blue Edwardian, or at a corporate event in your office as was done for Lewis Silkin in Chancery Lane, our spectacular close-up magic show will be tailored to fit your location and delight your audience.

Walking through the streets of Soho, or sitting with anticipation on the Northern Line as it takes us to our next performance, the build-up for a show in London is as much a thrill on this side of the curtain as it is for you. From Kensington or Kentish Town, each area provides something wondrous to be weaved into the performance to keep it unique.

Magic Events in London

There is no venue too small, or too difficult for the Magic Word. We are available for your parties, weddings or corporate events across the capital.

Our close-up show can be performed in a tightly packed bar, bringing awe and delight to guests as they watch with astonishment as impossible sleight-of-hand is performed within inches of their own eyes! It is equally magnificent seen across a lawn or patio; weaving through an outdoor occasion and creating hustled crowds.

Bringing our magical expertise to an event cements the moment in the memory for everyone there. It takes corporate fun to the next level and helps mark a wedding reception as the party of the season.

Magical Reviews

No-one ever leaves disappointed. The Magic Word has awed crowds both north and south of the river, from Bexley in the east to the edges of western Uxbridge. Our five-star performances remain an oft-discussed reminder of those special times.

If you would like to book The Magic Word for your London event, give us a call today! We can offer competitive rates that are sure to delight.

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