Close-Up Magic In Oxford

Magician in Oxford

Every event becomes a special memory, but performing in the hallowed halls of Oxford’s University buildings is always an extra pleasure.

Coming into the centre of Oxford city, with its historic architecture and deep culture, there’s already a sense of the magical which helps lead to the anticipation of our entertaining show. It’s no surprise that so many choose the city as the central location for their thoughts on the wonderous.

History of Magic

From the very halls where Harry Potter had his first Hogwarts dinner for the first film in the series, to the fictional locations in Philip Pullman’s beloved His Dark Materials series – based on the sprawling college buildings in Oxford centre, and the fantasy literary roots for both the Lord of the Rings and Narnia, Magicians have been part of the culture for decades.

Oxford Magic Events

The Magic Word is available for events throughout the city, from our celebrated time at Oriel College tucked away in the centre of town, when people were wowed with our flaming cards and mind-melting sleight-of-hand, to entertaining wedding guests at country venues in the glorious Oxfordshire countryside.

We are perfect for occasions at any of the many hotels in the city limits, whether you are relaxing in the exquisite bar at the Randolph or enjoying the fresh summer air in the grounds of the Malmaison at Oxford Castle.

Invite us to bring our skills and wonder to your chosen location - from Shotover to Bicester and beyond.

An experienced close-up magician, the Magic Word brings the magic directly to your guests, performing tricks of consummate skill mere inches from their eyes.

No one walks away from one of our events disappointed. With a delicate touch, we will leave behind a wall of smiles and chatter of excitement born from unrestrained awe!

Planning an event in Oxford or the surrounding area? Contact us for competitive rates that will raise the quality of your occasion inside your budget.

Watch the Video Showreel below to see The Magic Word in action!


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