Close-Up Magic In Swindon

Not Just a Roundabout

The word ‘Magic’ in Swindon makes heads turn to the complexities of navigating a roundabout. It is a shame, because for the Magic Word, Swindon is home and represents a world of opportunity for illusionary magic that transcends the humble nature of a town known for its traffic system!

The Finest Magic in Swindon

Swindon is home to many beautiful venues, where the close-up magic performance of the Magic Word is perfectly suited. From the garden marquees of the Lords of the Manor hotel, where audiences have been delighted many times, to the exciting occasions of weddings at Winkworth Farm – this special brand of sleight-of-hand has brought smiling faces and animated conversations.

Every event brings new experience for both audience and magician, and the pleasure of performing on home turf comes with a desire for perfection that is tempered by relaxation in equal measure – making Swindon Magic events some of the most memorable.

Close-Up Magic

Coming from the training grounds of street magic, the Magic Word performs a brand of magic where the illusions are done right before your eyes. Here fire dances and disappears with a flick of the wrist, and cards are lost and found in impossible ways. Every trick happens with audience interaction and astonishment.

It is this aspect which makes the Magic Word perfectly suited for your event whether it is a summer party on spacious lawns, or an atmospheric close-knit group enjoying their time in the hotel bar.

Magic that is brought to you, adapts to your audience and is perfect in any setting!

Competitive Rates

Entertaining your guests at a rate that’s within budget and competitive seems like a magic trick in its own right! Contact us today to secure your date and discuss your specific needs – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Watch the Video Showreel below to see The Magic Word in action!


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