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Bookings Process In 3 Easy Steps! 

  • Enquiry The Magic Word By Ringing 07816328212 or email and get a quote!
  • Pay the deposit to confirm the booking!
  • The Magic Word will then confirm all of the details for the event. You can then sit back and relax… the entertainment for the event is all done!

A close up magician is someone is a magician that is able to perform miracles right in front of your eyes!! when you see stage/TV magicians you are always impressed yet you say there must be a trap door or hidden mirrors! A close up magician can do mind blowing tricks you would otherwise think are impossible!

Its a good ice breaker for any event, social gathering, anywhere where there is people! My magic is very interactive for guests! They will be  talking about your event for weeks even years to come!

A close up magician can perform anywhere there is people!

Corporate event, Weddings, parties, trade shows, award nights, dinners, and the list continues..

So yes! Wherever there is people a close up magician can perform!

Good question! This depends on a few factors such as where is the event? How long would you need a magician for? Etc.. So for the quickest way to find out accurate quote for your event contact The Magic Word for a free quote!

You will find that a lot of Magicians quotes will be different as some will go out for just £50, however these magicians tend to be beginners who are looking for experience and will have the ability to do a few amazing tricks but would lack real world performing.

You then have magician ranging from £250-£500 for a good 2 hour close up magic act. None of these magicians will necessarily be better than the other but they will be full time professional magicians who have performed at hundreds of events! You might then look at style, tricks etc of the magician.

You then can get magicians who go out for £1000+! These would be magicians who have had special appearances on TV. ( maybe not magicians like Dynamo/ Troy as these magicians would cost a lot more! )

If you are looking for a professional magician who does TV style magic tricks ( you’d think it was a camera think ), will work your event like magic, professional as well as giving that 100% wow factor then I’m your magician!! Take a look at my video showreel!

I am based in Wiltshire, but travel all across the UK to perform at different events! Popular locations are London, Bristol, Oxford and Birmingham. I even perform out on the country on request just get in touch! ( take a look at my street magic in Amsterdam video! )

Anywhere there is people! I mainly perform at wedding venues, hotels and other places that hold events. But I can also perform for your house/ garden party! I can even do street magic in the streets! As long as theres people watching I can do my thing!

Many magicians claim to be ‘good’. Most are really talented but how do you know for sure?

I am a member of The Magic Circle, the premier magical society!! Any magician found on here is good at both performing and magic!! You know this as to get into the Magic Circle, you have to take an interview as well as an exam! The exam is a performance in front of around 30 members of the Magic Circle! You pass on things like performance, how tricks were done etc.

As well as website & agent reviews I also have a Trust Pilot account on which you can see reviews from past clients.

Watch my video show reel!!  This is me performing in the world at events with real reactions! ( share it if you like it!) I also have more videos which can be found on my Youtube.  (Feel free to drop a like and subscribe!)

I have been doing magic since the age of 15 and performing professional for the last 6 years at events. ( Im 23 now! ) So you know my magical abilities can perform even the hardest of spells! And performing for the last 6 years I have experience performing in the real world!

This is what I do! I am full time professional magician! I ensure you that you and all of your guests will enjoy my incredible magic as well as enjoying the performance with a professional and modern approach to magic!

If you have any questions about what I do or how I got here, please get in contact with me and ask! I’m a magician not a monster! 🙂

Yes! Of course! If you are planning your wedding or another important event you would want to hear the band live, taste the food, see the venue.. so why not the entertainment?

You can view my images and video.

If you want to see me in person then you need to go to platform 93/4 straight on the Hogwarts express…. ( I WISH! )

Jokes aside, just let me know where you are based, and next time I have a gig in that area we can met up! I can show you some amazing magic and answer any questions you may have! Or I can meet up with your event organiser or whoever is in charge, Its no problem. Contact me.

As a close up magician I do a lot of tricks with lots of different objects. From magic with cards, coins, fire, ropes, sponge balls, glass, ink moving effect! and even rubik’s cubes! As well as doing some mind reading tricks! If you are think of a certain trick ring me up and find out!

Example of some of the trick can be found in the video below.

This would depend on the amount of people at the event but also would need to keep in mind if you are having a 3 course meal, in which case would you like the magician to perform during the cocktails before if you are having cocktails?

During a wedding you may want a magician during the wedding breakfast and the evening party, the changes never end!

Normal booking time is for between 2-3 hours but no worries if you need a magician for less or more time as I will be able to do that just contact me.

I would then just need a small space to keep my brief case. From time to time I would be running back to the briefcase to stock up on cards, coins and other magical items!


Once I’m at you event I would need 15 mins and I’m ready to go! Almost like magic!

But I normally like to arrive to the gig 45 minutes before the event to familiarise myself with the venue settle down and get ready for an amazing magic performance!  of course if for any reason you needed me there a lot earlier just let me know.

If I’m driving out of my area I normally also take my suit in the car and would just need a little room to get dressed. (If no rooms or anywhere else is available the toilets normally are ok! )

I would then just need a small space to keep my briefcase. From time to time I would be running back to the briefcase to stock up on cards, coins and other magical items!

If you want to make sure you can book me for you event, then as soon as you know the event date. Book!

I get booked up quite quickly so its always best to book in advance!

If you’re event is only in a few days still give me a call on 07816328212  as I might of had a cancelation or might just be free!


Contact me

I normally take 20% deposit to secure the booking. This can be paid via bank transfer/ pay pal/ cheque (details will be given once booking is confirmed )

The rest of the remaining balance can be paid anytime before the event, but often is fine on the day! This is by cash/ bank transfer.

Can you send an invoice?

Of course!

I know most businesses and other people would need invoices! Just let me know in a message that you require one and I will send it off!

I am a member of Equity, and covered for £10million. Details can be provided as soon as the booking is confirmed as I know some venues require it.

I am a registered business under the name The Magic Word Magician.

Yes I have PLI and I am covered for £5million.

No matter what event you are having I will always be dressed in a suit, remaining professional throughout your event. Like you can see in the image below.

If you would like me to perform street magic in the streets!  I can always magically change into a street performer! Watch the street magic showreel!

Also if there are any special dress requirements for the event just let me know and I can arrange this.


Magician The Magic Word Holding A Business Card On Fire At Corporate Event






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Watch the Video Showreel below to see The Magic Word in action!

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