Good question! This depends on a few factors such as where is the event? How long would you need a magician for? Etc.. So for the quickest way to find out accurate quote for your event contact The Magic Word for a free quote!

You will find that a lot of Magicians quotes will be different as some will go out for just £50, however these magicians tend to be beginners who are looking for experience and will have the ability to do a few amazing tricks but would lack real world performing.

You then have magician ranging from £250-£500 for a good 2 hour close up magic act. None of these magicians will necessarily be better than the other but they will be full time professional magicians who have performed at hundreds of events! You might then look at style, tricks etc of the magician.

You then can get magicians who go out for £1000+! These would be magicians who have had special appearances on TV. ( maybe not magicians like Dynamo/ Troy as these magicians would cost a lot more! )

If you are looking for a professional magician who does TV style magic tricks ( you’d think it was a camera think ), will work your event like magic, professional as well as giving that 100% wow factor then I’m your magician!! Take a look at my video showreel!

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