The Magic Word Performing At a Garden Party

Yesterday, I was able to perform Close – Up Magic for a 70th garden party in London. We were lucky as although it has been raining all of last weekend, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day for a garden party! It only rained for the last 10 minutes which I would call a success considering British weather.

I walked around the party showing close up magic with a Rubik's Cube, cards, fire and more! Everyone there really seemed to enjoy themselves and were amazed by the magic!

We even had a "non believer" there, who said that she doesn't believe in magic. After seeing  Rubik's Cube solved by just throwing it into the air, having a card repeatedly jumping to the top of the deck and me guessing the colour she was thinking of.. she was convinced that magic was real and then said "I feel like a kid and have no idea how you did any of that, it made my week". It's always a good feeling knowing that people are able to step back from reality and relax while I am entertaining them by showing them magic.

The Magic Word At 70th party

The Magic Word Performing At a Garden Party

Everyones favourite magic trick at the event was how I was able to guess peoples colour that they were thinking of. I had people trying to confuse me of what colour they were thinking of, hoping I would get at least one wrong but they were even more astonished when I still told them what the colour that they were thinking of. The party was a success and everyone was really pleased with the performances.

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