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Planning a fun event is serious business. No, really—the UK events planning industry is in fact worth more than £40 billion per year. It’s an undoubtedly competitive market. If you want an unforgettable experience for your guests, you definitely need some top-quality entertainment. And a magic act is always a great option. So, how can you be sure you’re going to get a proficient prestidigitator and not an all-thumbs amateur? We reveal all with our Top Tips for Hiring a Close-Up Magician!

1) Audience

First things first: understand your audience. Generally speaking, close-up magic isn’t really for little kids. To be sure, there are plenty of great kids’ magicians out there. But close-up magic requires a level of audience participation and understanding that wee ones just won’t be able to provide. Hiring a close-up magician for anything from Sweet 16s to retirement parties, however, is going to be a lot of fun!

2) Budget

Not to burst your balloon animal, but when you’re hiring a close-up magician, you need to keep in mind the bottom line. A celebrity appearance is going to cost a lot, obviously. But that doesn’t mean close-up magic is out of reach for a more personal event, like a milestone birthday or a retirement party. There are plenty of top-quality professionals out there who are still making a name for themselves or who generally just prefer to work smaller events. And their fees reflect that. Definitely get a few quotes to see what’s doable for you.

3) Range of tricks

Close-up magic differs from stage magic in that it uses small ordinary objects to create a sense of wonder. Knowing what types and variety of tricks are on offer will make a difference when hiring a close-up magician. Generally, magicians will bring at least some of their own kit. Some will also rely on using objects available in the moment. Find out what to expect before your book so that your audience will get the most of the of their night!

4) Experience

Every magician got started somewhere and built their craft over hours and hours of training and application. On balance you probably don’t want your event to be a glorified practice session. You want someone who already knows how to work the crowd and keep things moving. So it’s important to consider previous experience when hiring a close-up magician. Anyone worth their salt will, without reservation, provide evidence of previous work, testimonials, and other credentials on request. So just ask!

5) Membership to The Magic Circle

By the same token, consider searching The Magic Circle’s database when hiring a close-up magician. This professional organisation isn’t just open to anyone. The fact is, there’s a rigorous application and examination process for magicians to join its ranks, and it’s very well respected. Consequently, choosing your act from amongst its members is a great starting point for ensuring a good quality show.

6) Word of Mouth

Lastly—but by no means least!—reach out to your network to find out if anyone has experience hiring a close-up magician. Someone who has experienced an act themselves is the best person to provide a recommendation. In light of that, if you’ve booked an amazing act, one of the best thank-yous you can provide is to suggest that magician to others. Similarly, if you’ve used a terrific magician once before, bring them back again! A true professional will always be honing their act, and will bring in new elements and more polish every time they perform. You won’t be disappointed!

So, whether you’re planning something massive, like a conference, or an intimate shindig, such as a wedding, you want your guests to leave feeling looked after. Close-up magic is without a doubt going to do the trick. It provides a personalised experience for attendees and gives every event a cheeky, fun vibe. Follow our tips for hiring a close-up magician, and you won’t be disappointed!

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