Reaction from close up magic in bristol

Hire a close-up magician for your next charity event

Take your charity event to the next level by hiring a close-up magician. Not only will your guests be amazed by the tricks on display, they’ll be in the right frame of mind to dig deeper into their pockets and raise more cash.

More charity fund-raising events, including glamorous balls, dinners or drinks receptions are now using entertainers. As your guests arrive and mingle, having a close-up magician perform for small groups at a time is a real ice-breaker, putting everyone in a relaxed (and generous!) mood.
Then, when everyone is sitting for food, your incredible magician will literally work his magic, performing awesome sleight of hand, misdirection and conjuring classics right in front of their eyes. And because an entertainer like The Magic Word is so friendly and puts everyone at ease quickly, he’ll cajole your guests into handing over more money for your charity.

Looking for an experienced charity event magician?

The Magic Word has been wowing guests at parties and events all over Britain for more than six years. A member of the famed Magic Circle, his repertoire is extensive and always evolving. There’s a whole range of props including rope, cards, coins and a Rubik’s Cube. He’ll make things disappear, only to reappear again somewhere outrageous. He’ll even turn £10 notes into £20 – but unfortunately that’s magic and cannot aid your fund-raising efforts!

Everybody loves magic. From early childhood we’ve been programmed to watch in awe as a magician performs the seemingly impossible. That sense of bewilderment never goes away, and adults at corporate fund-raisers across the land always ask the close-up magician the same thing: “How did you do that?” No magician will spill the secrets of his tricks, of course. But part of the fun at charity events is for guests to try and work it out. Nobody ever can!

For such a compelling and personal service, hiring a close-up magician will not be as expensive as you think. You don’t want all your money to vanish! Contact The Magic Word close-up magician today, because if you’re on a budget he can offer some extremely competitive prices.

Contact The Magic Word today to make your fund-raising event entertainment worries… vanish. For more information, you can read how he performed at a recent charity event raising money for young homeless people.

CARD IN MOUTH at rics gig Bristol
Reaction from close up magic in bristol

What will a close-up magician do for your charity event?

A lot of entertainment at fund-raising functions can be impersonal. Musicians and comedians, for example, perform on a stage at the front of the room. But a close-up magician is different. As the name suggests he or she will approach small groups of your guests at a drinks reception, or at their table at a sit-down function, and interact with them on a personal level. Because they can see what The Magic Word is doing close up, they’re even more confused by how he did it!

Tricks and sleight of hand include a collection of old favourites using cards, coins and ropes, to novel new tricks including portable props such as Rubik Cubes. There’s plenty of different tricks to perform, so guests will continue to be dumbfounded by new extraordinary magic.
While your guests will love the show, the practicality and purpose behind it is clear for you: hiring a close-up magician for your charity event will relax the guests, putting them in a great mood. Guests in a great mood are more likely to be generous with their money.

Hire a professional magician for your fund-raiser

While there are some good amateur magicians you can hire for your charity event, you’ll only experience the full fun and excitement by hiring a professional. As a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, you’ll appreciate that The Magic Word is a stand-out performer at the top of his game. He’s also fully insured in the unlikely event one of your guests disappears and can’t be rescued (this will not happen, advisory only!).

A professional magician will also be expert at chatting with your guests, making them feel special. They’re part of the show, and they’ll love it!
And as an organiser of a charity fund-raising event, you’ll know that happy guests are more likely to hand over their money for good causes.

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