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Bookings Process:

  • Confrim All Event Details With The Magic Word Magician
  • You Will Then Be Sent An Online Contract Which You Can Sign Online ( Sent Via Email )
  • Pay A Deposit Of £100 ( Invoice & Receipt Sent Via Email )You Can Pay Deposit Via Bank Transfer
  • Everything Is Then Booked For Your Event!
  • Final Invoice - You Will Receive The Final Invoice A Few Weeks Before The Event. This Can Be Paid Via Bank Transfer & Is Due 7 Days Before The Event.

A Close-Up Magician is a magician that is able to perform miracles right in front of your eyes! They perform magic close up using impressive sleight of hand with small objects, creating the impossible, while only standing a few inches away from you. They usually perform at Weddings, Corporate Events, Trade Shows and Parties.

A Close-Up Magician will walk around and mix and mingle with guests at Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Trade Shows and all other types of events. Entertaining guests with incredible magic tricks.

Close-Up Magic is a perfect icebreaker for any event, social gathering, or anywhere where there are groups of people. My magic is very interactive for guests! Your guests will be talking about your event for weeks, even years to come! Magic suitable for all ages to enjoy. 

Excellent entertainment for Weddings, Dinners, Networking Events, Corporate Entertainment and Parties. Or any social environment where groups of people form. 

A professional Magician would cost between £350-£600 in 2022/2023. This would be for around 2-3 hours of Close-Up Magic.

A magician would cost different prices depending on their travel to the gig, skill level, experience and the number of props they would give out/ use on the night.

You can find magicians at almost any price. Some magicians may cost just £50-£200. These are magicians who are just starting out and are looking for experience. They will have the ability to do a few amazing tricks but would lack real world performing.

You then have magicians who cost between £600-£1000+. These would be magicians who have had special appearances on TV. Maybe not magicians like Dynamo/ David Blaine as these magicians would cost a lot more.

If you are looking for a professional magician who does TV style magic tricks ( you’d think it was a camera trick ), who will work your event like magic, professional as well as giving that 100% wow factor then I’m your magician!! Take a look at my video showreel to see how your guests will react!

The quickest way to find out accurate quote for your event would be to Contact The Magic Word for a free quote!

I am based in Wiltshire, but travel all across the UK to perform Close-Up Magic at different events! Popular locations are London, Bristol, Hampshire,Northampton and Birmingham. I even perform outside of the UK on request just get in touch! ( take a look at my street magic in Amsterdam video! ) Theres no event too far!

I mainly perform at wedding venues, hotels and other places that hold events. But I can also perform for your house/ garden party! I can even do street magic in the streets for outdoor events.  As long theres people in a location I can entertain them.

Many magicians claim to be ‘good’. Most are really talented but how do you know for sure?

I am a member of The Magic Circle, the premier magical society!! Any magician found on here has a excellent understanding of magic and can perform to a high ability. You know this as to get into the Magic Circle, you have to take an interview as well as an exam! The exam is a performance in front of around 30 members of the Magic Circle! You pass on things like performance, how well you performed tricks, audience management etc.

Don’t just take my word from it, you can read reviews left by previous clients on my Trust Pilot 

You can also watch my Video Showreel!  This is me performing Close-Up Magic at weddings and parties with real reactions! Or find me on Instagram to see the latest videos @TheMagicWordRB. (Follow me & stay up to date with my magic journey)

If you have any questions about what I do or how I got here, please get in contact with me.

Yes! Of course! If you are planning your wedding or another important event you would want to hear the band live, taste the food, see the venue.. so why not the entertainment?

You can view my images and video.

If you want to see me in person then you need to go to platform 93/4 straight on the Hogwarts express…. ( I WISH! )

Jokes aside, just let me know where you’re based, and next time I have a gig in that area we can met up! Or you could come down to Wiltshire and I can show you some amazing magic and answer any questions you may have! Alternatively I can meet up with your event organiser or whoever is in charge, It’s no problem. Contact Me.

As a close up magician I do a lot of tricks with lots of different objects. From Magic with Cards, Money, Borrowed Objects, Fire, Ropes, Mind Reading, Sponge balls, and much more! If you are thinking of a certain trick that you would like me to perfrom email me to find out!

Example of some of the tricks can be found in the video at the bottom of this page.

Most events would require between 2 and 3 hours of Close-Up Magic. This would be a perfect amount of time for events with 30-100+ guests. 

If you have a big event with 150-300+ guests. I would suggest hiring 2 magicians to ensure all of your guests get to see some magic. Or hire 1 magician for between 3-4 hours. 

No worries if you need a magician just an hour or less as I can also accommodate for this.  Contact Me

I would then just need a small space to keep my brief case. From time to time I would be running back to the briefcase to stock up on cards, coins and other magical items!

I would also need a small place to get changed.

Regarding performance space, I can work in a crowd, mix and mingling with guests. There’s no space to small or big for me to work my magic.

Once I’m at you event I would need 20Minutes and I’m ready to go! Almost like magic!

However, I normally like to arrive to the event around 45 minutes before the event. This would be to familiarise myself with the venue settle down, ensuring there is no late start to the event. Of course if for any reason you needed me there a any earlier just let me know.

If you want to make sure you can book me for your event, then as soon as you know the event date. Book!

I get booked up quite quickly, so it’s always best to book in advance!

If your event is only in a few days still give me a call on 07816328212  as I might have had a cancellation or might just be free!

Or email me, and I’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours or sooner – Contact Page 

I take a £100 deposit to secure the booking. This can be paid via Bank Transfer/ PAYPAL

The remaining balance can be paid anytime before the event, but is due 7 days before the event.

I am a member of Equity, and covered for £10million. Just let me know if you require my public liability insurance certificate and I can send this across for you.

I am a registered business under the name The Magic Word Magician.


No matter what event you are having I will always be dressed in a suit, remaining professional throughout your event. Like you can see in the image below.

Also if there are any special dress requirements for the event just let me know and I can arrange this.

Magician For Parties

Watch the Video Showreel below to see The Magic Word in action!

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