Many magicians claim to be ‘good’. Most are really talented but how do you know for sure?

I am a member of The Magic Circle, the premier magical society!! Any magician found on here is good at both performing and magic!! You know this as to get into the Magic Circle, you have to take an interview as well as an exam! The exam is a performance in front of around 30 members of the Magic Circle! You pass on things like performance, how tricks were done etc.

As well as website & agent reviews I also have a Trust Pilot account on which you can see reviews from past clients.

Watch my video show reel!!  This is me performing in the world at events with real reactions! ( share it if you like it!) I also have more videos which can be found on my Youtube.  (Feel free to drop a like and subscribe!)

I have been doing magic since the age of 15 and performing professional for the last 6 years at events. ( Im 23 now! ) So you know my magical abilities can perform even the hardest of spells! And performing for the last 6 years I have experience performing in the real world!

This is what I do! I am full time professional magician! I ensure you that you and all of your guests will enjoy my incredible magic as well as enjoying the performance with a professional and modern approach to magic!

If you have any questions about what I do or how I got here, please get in contact with me and ask! I’m a magician not a monster! 🙂

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