Close-up Magic for a Christmas Party in Bath

Had a amazing gig performing my Close-up Magic for Clear Vision Accountancy for their Christmas meal in Bath.

I performed 2 different custom sets for them, being an accountancy company, they seemed to enjoy the money tricks where i could change a £10 note to a £20 note, and then to a £50 note!!! Also a favourite of theres when i was able to take the company directors £20 and stab a hole in it, and then magically restore the note as if no damage was done to it in the first place. This got a lot of laughs from the other employees there seeing their boss shocked and worried for a slight moment.

Clear Vision were so impressed by my close-up magic, that they then wanted to book me to come into their business, to then film 4 different tricks so that they could send them out to their clients!

The filming was also a huge success and have got great feedback since.

If you would like to view the videos that i made for clear vision, please visit my Youtube channel where you will be able to find them all there.

Or head over to Clear Vision’s website where you will be able to read a bit about me and also see the tricks that i performed on camera for them.

Here is the first video that i made for them. Hope you enjoy!

If you liked any of these close-up magic tricks that i performed for Clear vision and would like to book me for your next Corporate event or any other event, please feel free to get in contact for a quote!

Contact The Magic Word now to enquire for your next event: 07816328212



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