Nottingham university magician

Nottingham Trent University had hired me as a magician, to perform at their event across 2 different campuses. I performed close-up magic for the students at Clifton campus, and also for the students at Brackenhurst campus. This was the second time I had been back to the Clifton campus, as Nottingham University had previously hired me a few years ago for a similar event. 

The Event

Both events were focused on health and wellbeing. It was a chance for the students to come along, and talk about any issues they may have. Also providing them with a wide range of information, from why sleep is important to how to take care of mental health.  

I received great feedback from both students and staff on how much they enjoyed the magic and my performance style. More importantly, on how smiles I put on peoples faces during those two days.  I walked around both campus in Nottingham showing magic tricks using cards, money, Rubik’s cubes.

However, my favourite was borrowing people’s personal items, such as their rings and phones, and making them appear in impossible locations! People were freaking out, to say the least! Watch the video below! 

Here is a Google review left by one of the staff at Nottingham university, who had hired me for the event. 

Brilliant. I have booked him 3 times and the joy and smiles the magic gives is really nice to see. I will be booking him again….very much recommend.

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