Wedding Entertainment

Stuck for choosing the entertainment for your wedding day?

Don’t worry because i’ve got you covered with the top 5 wedding entertainment ideas!

1) Magicians

Hiring a magician on your wedding day can really help make it a magical one! By having a professional magician such as The Magic Word, you can ensure that everyone is going to be entertained. This is because magic appeals to a wide range of people, no matter of their age or background. I mean you don’t even have to speak the same language to see magic!

On a wedding day there is normally people from both sides of the family that will be meeting each other for the first time. By hiring a magician your guests will witness the impossible while feeling relaxed, excited and entertained!! It’s the perfect ice -breaker! Have people amazed by unbelievable magic on your wedding day, having them talk about your magically fay for months and even years to come!

You can hire a magician at any point in the day during your wedding! The magician can go around tables, mingle with guests and even perform outside, thus being a convenient choice for wedding entertainment!

Take a look at my wedding close up magic showreel!

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2. Photo booths

About 75% of the weddings that I have been to nowadays almost always have a photo booth! Its a great way to keep personalised and memorable photos of the big day of you and all of your guests. Their are props that you can use such as a blow up guitar, silly big glasses, wigs etc to capture a truly memorable photo.

Yours guest will love taking a load of photos for themselves, but you can also opt in for a book where your guest are able stick their photo in and leave you a message. Therefore its like the perfect gift to you as you can see what everyone was up to during the day.

Photo Booth For Wedding

3. Live band or DJ

Hiring a live band or DJ is one of the most popular choices for wedding entertainment and classic choice.

Its a great way to get the party started and they can introduce you when arrive to the venue as a newly married couple and also can tell everyone when the night is over, as that sometimes can be a long job!

Having a DJ over a live band might be better for everyone as a band would tend to play one sort of music, whereas a DJ is able to play a range of different music to suit everyone. But of course its your day, so the choice is always yours.

UK Wedding Band at Wedding
UK Wedding Band at Wedding


4. Supersize games

This can even turn adults into children.Supersized games such as connect 4, twister, bouncy castle and Jenna can be used to keep your guests entertained throughout the day and evening of your wedding. You normally find that the first part of the day is spent with the children playing on the games as you would expect. But as the day goes on adults will be adults and generally don’t stay sober during the wedding. This is where they feel like playing a game of Jenga using big blocks and the kid inside them comes out. Although some people can get very competitive.

Bouncy Castle At Wedding
Bouncy Castle At Wedding

5. Caricaturist

Who doesn’t love caricaturist? They are a great way to see yourself in a cartoon version of yourself! This can be a very funny entertainment to have on your wedding day, as the artist will be abler to draw up all of the guests, highlighting their features to make each one personable. The best of hiring a caricaturist is that all of the guest get to keep a drawing of themselves. Usually they would want to keep this, therefore every time they will see the picture it will remind them of you wedding day. The drawing below is one done of me when I went to an event!! So fun! 

The Magic Word Magician Drawn As A Cartoon

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