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Everything You Will Need To Know – Top 10 Tips On Hiring a Wedding Magician 

In this article, you will find out the Top 10 tips on how to hire a Wedding Magician. From how much a magician costs to finding a magician near you.

Choosing the right wedding entertainer is very important. It can be difficult when planning wedding entertainment. You would want to ensure it’s something for everyone to enjoy and fits with your theme. Most importantly entertaining.

Should I Hire A Magician At My Wedding?

Hiring a Magician would be a great addition to any wedding. Here are a few reasons why magicians are usually are at the top of the list for wedding entertainment.

▶︎ It’s The Perfect Ice Breaker

▶︎ Fun & Exciting For All Ages To Enjoy

▶︎ Incredible Mind-Blowing Magic For Your Guests – Card Magic, Making Things Disappear/ Reappear, Rubik’s Cubes, Fire, Using Borrowed Objects e.g. Wedding Rings, phones, wallets and much more.

▶︎ Making your wedding stand out and talked about for weeks even years to come

Another benefit of hiring a magician would be the reactions you will get for your wedding photos and videos. Lots of jaw-dropping moments & lots of “OMG how do you do that”  will be added to your wedding photos and videos.

  • Watch Professional Wedding Magician ‘THE MAGIC WORD’  in action to see how you and your guests will react on the day:

In No Order Here Are The Top 10 Tips!

1. How Do I Find & Book A Wedding Magician?

You can find a wide range of magicians across the UK. The most popular way of finding a magician would be:

▶︎ By searching “wedding magicians near me” or “Magicians for parties” on Google

▶︎ Via an entertainment agency – You will find lots of different types of entertainers here

▶︎From the Magic Circle website

▶︎ Maybe you already have a magician in mind that you’ve seen a previous event.

▶︎Via recommendations from a family member or friend

How To Book A Magician?

Once you have found a magician you can contact them directly asking for a quote. All they would need from you is the wedding date to check their availability along with the venue location. They may also need the time you would like them to perform from, as lots of magicians do more than one gig in a day. They will then send you more information with a quote.

2. Price – How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wedding Magician?

How much do magicians cost

You can expect to pay between £350-£500 for a good quality Wedding Magician in 2021/2022. This would be for around 2-3 hours of Close-Up Magic.

You may also want a magician during the drinks reception and then again later for the evening party. The magician’s cost would be higher for this as he may also charge for waiting time. If you wanted extra hours or special requests such as a stage show, the price would generally be a lot higher.

Why Don’t Magicians Cost The Same For Weddings?

How much would a wedding magician would cost would depend on a few factors. Their experience, skill level, travel and the number of props they use/ give away on the night.

Some magicians would cost over £500 for a 2-3 hour performance. I doubt you would get any ‘better’ magic than from professionals that cost around £400-£500. However, some magicians who have appeared on TV or have far to travel may charge £500+.

Booking from an entertainment website or agent? ( e.g. Alive Network or Entertainment Nation), you can expect the cost to be a lot higher. This would be as you would be charged the agent’s commission as well as paying for the magician’s fee.

An example of this would be if the magician costs £400 you will also pay 20% commission to the agent which would be a total of £480.

Why You Shouldn’t Book The Cheapest Magician For Your Wedding:

You should always remain within your budget. But don’t just go for the cheapest magician. A magician that costs £100-£250 for 2 hours of close up magic may only just be starting out. Therefore, they may not have the skillset and experience it takes to perform at a wedding. Or they might not have enough tricks in their repertoire.

You would want to leave 100% trust and confidence in leaving the magician to go around and entertaining your guests. By hiring someone in the £350-£500 range, you can have confidence that you’ve hired a professional with plenty of experience. Carrying out the job with no problems.

3. WATCH THE MAGICIAN’S WEDDING SHOWREEL ⬆️⬆️⬆️ – A Picture Tells 1000 Words But A Video Tells 100,000,000

Any magician can write on their website how amazing they are. Explaining and how much you and your guests would love the magic they perform. However, until you can see it with your own eyes, I wouldn’t take the chance in booking a magician just based on their bio.

Each magician has their own style and you should choose the right one for you. Some may come across as rude/ insulting and that’s not one you would want to book for your wedding. Watching their showreel will help you see how they interact with a group, to the types of tricks they perform.

How Can I Tell If The Magician Has A Good Wedding Showreel?

Here are a few ways to tell if a magician has a good showreel:

▶︎ Make sure the video is professional

▶︎Do you like their style of magic? Look at their tricks, how they interact with guests & audience reaction

▶︎Is the magician performing at a wedding? If the magician’s showreel is just him/her performing on the street this may not be the magician for you

▶︎Try to see if the showreel includes the magician performing in different locations; this would show the magician is a full time working professional

⬆︎( You can view a professional wedding showreel at the top of this article ) ⬆︎

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4. Magician Reviews – Don’t Just Read The 5 Star Reviews

trust pilot logo

When booking anything these days, It’s imperative that you check reviews left by previous clients. Booking a Wedding Magician is no different. Check to see if that previous clients’ were happy with the magician. You wouldn’t want a magician who gets feedback that they’re late, didn’t perform good enough magic or was rude.

Magician Reviews You Can Trust:

Don’t trust all reviews on websites. When reading the reviews, make sure that they are on certified review websites. Trustpilot would be a great example of a certified review website. Using a platform such as Trustpilot will make sure that these are honest reviews left by real past clients.

These days people can just put up fake reviews that they have written themselves on their website. It’s also important to note the number of reviews that the magician would have.

You can view The Magic Word Magician’s Trustpilot here. You can type on Trustpilot “MAGICIANS” in the search bar to see a list of other magicians reviews to compare.

5. Does The Magician Belong To The World Famous Magic Circle? 

The Magic Circle

You should also check to see if the magician is a member of The Magic Circle or a similar club.  To join, a magician would need to have an interview as well as perform in front of members of The Circle. This would be to show that they can perform magic and have a good understanding of magic.

This isn’t the most important tip on the list. However, most professional magicians would be members of The Magic Circle. This would ensure that the magician can perform in front of a real audience and has a minimum skill level. Not everyone who applies for the magic circle gets in.

How To Check If A Magician Is A Member Of The Magic Circle?

Unsure if the magician you’re looking at is a member? The easiest way to find would be to go onto The Magic Circle Website. There will be a long list of magicians on there so you can find the best magician to suit your wedding.

Another to find out if a magician belongs to a certain club, would be by looking at their own website. A Magician would generally be proud to be a member of their magic club. Therefore will usually have this displayed on their homepage. 

View The Magic Word’s Magic Circle HERE  

6.  How Long Should I Book A Magician For My Wedding?

Most weddings would require 2 hours of Close-Up Magic. This would be a good amount of time for around 30-70 guests. 2 hours would be a good amount of time to make sure that everyone gets to see some magic. 3 hours is also a good amount of time for 50+ guests and would just depend on your budget.

If you have a big wedding with 150-300+ guests. But only 2 hours in the day where would want the magician to perform. Hiring 2 magicians may be an option for you if your budget allows it This would ensure that all of your guests will be able to see the magic as you don’t want people to feel left out.

Feel free to contact The Magic Word Magician to discuss your wedding. I can recommend the perfect amount of time you will need a magician for your big day. 07816328212 / EMAIL –

7. Does The Magician Have Public Liability Insurance? 

Magician Insurance
The Magic Word Is A Member Of Equity.

Most wedding venues would require magicians as well other types of wedding entertainment to show their public liability insurance. This is for the safety of the building, guests and staff. Almost every professional working magicians will have a public liability certificate.

I’d be surprised if a professional magician didn’t have this. If they don’t have any insurance at all, they may not be allowed to perform at your venue. So it’s vital you ask the venue if they require this beforehand and also to check with the magician.

8.  Weddings And Covid In 2022 / 2023

As we move into 2022 there will be a lot more weddings going ahead than usual. This would be due to the Covid 19 pandemic which lead to a lot of weddings being put on hold. The end of 2021 was a busier rush than normal for wedding entertainers. I can bet 2022 will be no different, providing we don’t go back into lockdown.

Just because we have left the 2020 pandemic behind, cases of Covid are still amongst us along with new variants. Going into 2022, safety would be the main priority to ensure all of your wedding guests and yourself are safe. That’s why is important for you, your guests and all attending parties to provide a Lateral Flow Test on the morning of your wedding.

You don’t want to get ill before your honeymoon. Use this step above to your advantage as well as following any government guidelines.

Lockdowns And Weddings!

Not that any of us want another lockdown, we can’t draw out the possibility of another one happing. If this were to happen, weddings may still be allowed to go ahead with a restricted number of guests. Or weddings may have to be cancelled. If you couldn’t go ahead with your wedding, you should check with all your suppliers to see if it’s possible to reschedule your wedding to a new date. Do check with all your supplier’s contracts as there should be a cover clause.

9. When’s The Best Time I Should Have A Magician At My Wedding?

There is no right or wrong answer for this. It would more depend on what else you have planned for your wedding. Are you having more wedding entertainment throughout the day? Will you be having a sit-down meal? These are all things to consider, which will help you make the choice of when the best time is for your magician to perform.

Here are the most popular times for a magician to perform:

Drinks Reception Entertainment

This would be one of the most popular options for having Close-Up Magic. Whilst the newlyweds are having their photographs taken, both sides of the family will be meeting each other, some for the first time, thus having a magician perform memorable, amazing and exciting magic at your drinks reception can be the perfect ice-breaker! ( TAKEN FROM THE MAGIC WORD’S WEDDING PAGE )

Wedding Breakfast Magic

The first meal as a married couple commonly referred to as the ‘wedding breakfast’, is also a time where you may consider having Close-up Magic. A magician would be able to amaze guests at their tables in between courses creating a great atmosphere and constant flow of entertainment throughout! ( TAKEN FROM THE MAGIC WORD MAGICIAN’S WEDDING PAGE)

Evening Reception Magic

The Evening Reception is also becoming a very popular request for Close-up Magic! (Recommend)

I personally would recommend having a magician during the drinks reception or during the evening reception.

Hiring entertainment for your wedding day is great! However during the drinks reception, you may be busy taking photos and might not get enough time to see the magic yourself, and of course, it’s your day! So hiring entertainment for your evening reception would be a great idea as you and your guest can all enjoy the entertainment together.

Unsure when to have your wedding entertainment? Contact The Magic Word Magician today on 07816328212

10.   Check the Magician’s photos.

A professional magician would have a wide range of photos from different events they have been to. This would show that the magician has performed at 100-1000s of events before.

Make sure all of the photos are not just headshots of the magician. Check to see if the images are of the magician performing to real-life audiences.


Hopefully, with the information in this blog, It should be nice a clear on how to find the perfect magician for your wedding.

If you still require some more information please take a look at my website. If you have any questions at all please or would like to discuss entertainment for your wedding do not hesitate to contact me, The Magic Word Magician via email or call. ( Details below )

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